Our School

Jennifer Russell

Community Representative

I have lived in Busselton for 24 years and have established a health business during this time. My 3 children were born in Busselton and attended BSHS and now live in Perth. I have been involved in my children’s schools, Vasse Primary and BSHS by being on the P & Cs and in many extra-curricular events the kids were lucky enough to be involved in. In the past 15 years I have seen a lot of change in the perception of what school must offer and have watched BSHS change form as it has met these needs.

I am really interested in the development and wellbeing of our high school and public education in Australia generally.

Being invited to join the Board was an honour and I have enjoyed learning about eh behind the scenes work of the administration of the school. I am in awe of the overarching design of school administration, not least the collection of statistics and the organisation of meaningful planning from a wide variety of information.

Being invited to functions involving the students is fantastic, I particularly enjoy all the music program has to offer at special events, especially the Year 12 graduation. BSHS is a unique school and is developing into very interesting campus as it merges and evolves to accommodate the new face of education in high schools. I am delighted to be a part of its growth.