Specialist Programs

Waalitj Kaaditjin (WK)

At Busselton Senior High School we value and celebrate the diverse cultures of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their families. We are fully committed to improving outcomes for Indigenous students and helping each to succeed at school.

Busselton Senior High School’s Waalitj Kaaditjin Academy strives to meet the needs of our students and supports them in achieving their goals. WK provides opportunities for ATSI students to grow their self esteem, work readiness, employability, organisational and leadership skills through structured activities and support within and outside of school. Particularly on country with local Wadandi custodians.

WK – a reference to the totemic eagle and a quest for knowledge – explores themes of culture, language, environment, conversation, health, wellbeing, sports, recreation, family connections and community. WK aims to address four areas of our ATSI students interests and concern; connection to culture, health and wellbeing, educational pathways, and sports. Busselton Senior High School has created strong partnerships with a number of organisations in order to be able to meet outcomes linked to these areas that have identified by students as areas they would like support in.

For further information regarding the Waalitj Kaaditjin program please contact us at busselton.shs@education.wa.edu.au

To apply for our Waalitj Kaaditjin Academy please click HERE