Specialist Programs

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Busselton Senior High School is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school and is a key framework that the school operates using. Our school values are Respect, Empathy, Achieve and Learn (REAL), that form our school wide expectations. By using data informed practices, our PBS Tier One Team can respond to student needs and support staff in responding to behaviour.

REAL Matrix
The REAL matrix creates the ‘curriculum’ and policy for teaching our expected behaviours, what to correct/reward and creates a common language between students and staff. The REAL matrix has been a successful program for the school and is the cornerstone to everything we do regarding behaviour. In a combined effort from the PBS, MHWB and PLC teams, we have streamlined contexts into our three pillars, PBS for ‘All Settings’, PLC for ‘Classroom’ and MHWB for ‘Self’.

PBS Lessons
Every Tuesday morning, students are delivered a quick and engaging lesson on one of our school wide expectations. These are created by staff and revolve around current issues, events or reminding students of expected behaviour in the school.

PBiS Store
When students demonstrate expected behaviours, they are rewarded with PBiS points. Each classroom teacher and support staff are encouraged to reward students for showing respect, empathy and striving to achieve and learn. Students can then redeem these points at The Hub for canteen vouchers, experiences in the classroom or prizes. The Store is kindly run by the Student Council, who get feedback from the student body on what they would like in The Store.