Specialist Programs and facilities

Geographe Training is Busselton Senior High School’s Senior School Engagement Program which caters for Year 11 and 12 students at Educational Risk. The Geographe Training Campus is off-site and is located in Busselton’s CBD. Geographe Training is a Tier 3 intervention program that delivers intense and individualised support with our Teacher/Youth Worker model.

Geographe Training falls under the Vocational Education and Training umbrella and delivers a Certificate II in Active Volunteering and a Certificate IIin Community Services. We assist students with their learning and we emphasis on informal learning as well. We develop personal qualities of young people and generic employment skills such as communication, planning, organising and problem solving. We develop qualities that employers are looking for such as confidence, persistence, professional appearance, and work ethic. We enhance students job seeking skills and participate in structured workplace learning. We create and show links between learning and experience of young person through community activities and volunteer work. We have flexible entry and exit points and we use students’ strengths and interests as a starting point.  We develop student goals that are achievable and we maximise opportunities to link learning to real life and work situations.

At Geographe Training we adopt a holistic approach, we integrate personal, social and educational goals to meet the individual needs of the students. Geographe Training offers numerous mental health and well-being supports including the Ignite Program (one day a week), Horse Vision Equine Facilitated Learning and inter-agency collaboration. Outside youth and mental health support agencies visit the centre regularly for either one to one student support or program workshops and staff support students with referrals to appropriate support agencies. Geographe Training provides a relaxed, easy-going and supportive schooling environment with a range of one to one or small group support options. Staff regularly communicate with parents and guardians and provide various opportunities for students to experience success in their education and extra-curricular pursuits.

For more information about Geographe Training please contact the school.