Specialist Programs

Geographe Bay Music Program (GBM)

BSHS was officially recognised as a specialist Music School by the Department of Education and The School of Instrumental Music (SIM) in 2007. The only specialist program in regional WA, and as such boasts a proud and accomplished music program unlike any other in the state of Western Australia.

The Geographe Bay Music Program has grown, with students from Cape Naturaliste College invited in to the program and it is now considered the premier music program in the South West, and music schools of choice for students in Busselton and the greater region for both the public and private sector. The group have won many awards over its history including Queens Cup (all sections entered), Silver Award at the Sydney International Music Festival, Top Jazz Band at the State Band Festival plus many more. Groups from within the program are invited on many occasions to perform locally and throughout Perth, receiving an invitation to perform at the OPUS Concert showcasing top performers from public school throughout the state. GBM is regarded by Instrumental Music School Services (The Department of Education’s instrumental music school) as the flagship for collaboration. Not only in regional areas, but also metropolitan.

IMSS is a Department of Education program which delivers instrumental lessons to schools, free of charge, for selected students with aptitude. Students are engaged in a Class Music program, enriched with an Instrumental Music program in cohort with the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS). Opportunities and experiences in Music will be many and varied, covering a rich scope of learning activities and events in engagement and performance, which includes excursions or incursions with people from the industry and will immerse our students and school in all the elements of music and how they interact. Read more about Instrumental Music School Services at www.education.wa.edu.au/instrumental-music.

Students who have been involved in the IMSS instrumental lessons in primary school will be provided an opportunity to continue their lessons at Busselton Senior High School. Those who have learned an instrument privately may be considered for a position in our program where this sits within the guidelines and policy of classroom numbers and available instrumental teachers.

We extend a warm welcome to students and families already involved in musical pursuits who would like to access our high quality vision for Arts education at Busselton Senior High School.

For further information regarding the Geographe Bay Music program please contact Kerry La Motte on kerry.lamotte@education.wa.edu.au

To apply for our Geographe Bay Music Program please click HERE