Thank you for your interest in a student enrolment at Busselton Senior High School.  We are an inclusive school that welcome and embrace new students.  Together in partnership with parents/carers, we make our students education a priority.

Due to the high demand for places at our school the Department of Education have designated Busselton SHS as a local intake area school.
Students and their family must live within the school boundaries at the time the enrolment commences. View our Local Intake Map


Enrolment Process

Enrolment at Busselton SHS is a two part process:

  1. Part A - Application for Enrolment     Download Application Form Here
    Parents lodge an Application for Enrolment with the school with requested documentation attached.
    An appointment will be arranged to meet with the Associate Principal associated with the relevant year level.

    The Application for Enrolment is to be completed by the parent or legal guardian of the student.  Legal Name of the student must be used.
  2. Part B - Enrolment Form
    An Enrolment Package will be provided if the student is accepted into our school.  This package contains a wealth of detailed information to help acquaint you with the school as well as provide helpful resources in preparing to join the Busselton SHS community.
    You will be notified of a commencement date for the student to start.


Eligibility Criteria

Prior to an appointment for interview or the issuing of an Enrolment Package the following documentation must be sighted and copies attached to the Part A - Application for Enrolment.

Requested documentation must be provided:

  • Copy of your child’s birth certificate if born in Australia
  • Copy of Citizenship Certificate or Australian passport if not born in Australia.
  • Copy of Immunisation Certificate
  • Family Court or other court orders
  • Visa Details (if applicable) including Visa Grant Documentation
  • Information relating to disability
  • Last School Semester Report
  • Notice of any suspensions and exclusions from previous schools.  Children currently under suspension from a public school cannot be enrolled at another public school until the suspension period expires.

Proof of Address

  • Property ownership - A copy of a current rate notice from the local council.
  • Rental property - A copy of the tenancy agreement with a three month minimum duration from the date of entry to the school.
  • A further two items of evidence:
    • Utilities account (i.e. electricity or gas)
    • Current drivers licence with current address
    • Statutory declaration


Boundary Intake Area

Students attending Busselton SHS must reside inside our local intake area.  Local Intake Schools have a designated geographical area from which enrolments are taken.  Local Intake Schools must accept all applications from within their defined area, subject to residential qualifications.  Students residing in dual Intake area may apply for either Busselton SHS or Cape Naturalist College.  All other applications from outside the designated area may apply for a “Cross Boundary Application”.

THIS MAP shows the intake area for Busselton SHS.

Out of Area Application - Cross Boundary Application

Students living outside the local intake area are welcome to apply for enrolment.  The school will consider all applications and reply individually to each applicant.  We suggest that you look at alternative arrangements at an early date so that you are aware of the options.

The school must be promptly informed of any change to details provided.