Our School

Cecilia Douglas


I’ve been involved with the Busselton Senior High School in some capacity for most of it’s 60 year history. Firstly as a student ( 1963-67 – Head Boy & Dux 1967 ), Secondly as Youth Education Officer and Social Science teacher ( 1979 – 87 );  As a parent of 2 students attending the school ( 1988 – 93 ); As a Parliamentary representative ( 1987 – 2017 ) and currently as a Board member.

In that time BSHS has evolved from being the only secondary education facility in the Busselton Region to now be in a competitive service delivery situation with other public and private school options available. But, it has been, and still is, central to education delivery in this growing area. It has always been the focal point for community involvement.

As a firm believer in the Independent Public School model I’m delighted to see the growth and professional development associated with BSHS over the last 5-6 years since it has taken on this management system, for those years. There is obvious pride and commitment to the school from staff, students and the community. This has been achieved through sheer hard work, outstanding leadership and people management. BSHS acquits itself extremely well in the current competitive environment due to this foresight, planning and organisation.

It is a privilege to be involved and contribute in a small way to maintain and improve every aspect of the continually changing and challenging world of education at BSHS.