Primary to High School Transition

Busselton SHS work closely with our local Primary Schools to ensure that we know as much as possible about your child's academic and social/emotional before they begin high school.  We understand that many students, and their parents, feel anxious about the change to high school and endeavor for the transition process to be as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

We offer a number of opportunities for students and parents to become familiar with our school.

Before High School

Year 6 Prospective Parent Night - Term 2

We hold a parent night early in the year for our local parents to learn what our school has to offer.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions and become familiar with Busselton SHS.  Enrolment packs are available on the evening and include a vast arrange of information, including scholarship applications for our academic, music and indigenous scholarships.

Transition Visits - Term 2

Students are invited to attend our school for a half day program during Term 2.  Here they will experience some of the subjects at high school that are not usually available to them in primary school, such as Design and Technology and Home Economics.  They also get to sample the wares from our Canteen.  This transition visit usually gets students really excited about coming to high school.

Visits to Primary Schools - Term 3

In Term 3, we go out to all local primary schools to speak with the Year 6 students about what high school is like and what our school, in particular, has to offer.  Former Busselton SHS Year 7 students accompany our visits to answer any questions from the Year 6 students about how they have found the high school experience.  We have found that the Year 6 students really value hearing from their peers about the reality of high school.

Understanding Your Child - Term 3

The Associate Principal in charge of Year 7 and 8 students - Miss Carey - works closely with the primary schools to gather relevant information about each student’s needs.  We look at their NAPLAN results, Year 6 Semester 1 report results, and the attendance and behaviour information from their teachers.  This begins in Term 3. Miss Carey also meets with the Year 6 teachers and finds out about any individual education and behaviour plans currently in place, or strategies that work for students that we can use in our school.

Special Educational Needs

Our Associate Principal, Miss Carey along with our Learning Support Coordinator, Clare Duncan, meets with parents and students with special educational needs to discusses support available at our school (see Learning Support and Academic Enrichment) and also tries to find out a bit more about the student’s needs to make sure that their transition is a smooth one.

Extra transition visits for students with special educational needs are also available.  Students can come to our school with their Education Assistant and see how the school operates on a normal day.  It is less confronting for them, as they are either visiting on their own or with two or three other students, rather than with their whole class.

Enrolment Process

The enrolment process begins at the start of Term 3.  The process involves the completion of our enrolment package and also requires the provision of important documents to complete the enrolment.  Enrolment papers need to be completed and handed in as soon as possible.
The information gathered from enrolments is used to plan our staffing for the following year and begin building our Year 7 classes.


Busselton SHS offers four scholarships to incoming Year 6 students.  We provide two scholarships for high academic achievers, one scholarship for a student in the Specialist Music Program and one scholarship for an Indigenous student.  The scholarship process includes the completion of an application, followed by an interview with the Scholarship Committee.

Principal Interviews

Our Principal, Mr Couzic, meets with each and every incoming Year 7 student and their parent before they begin at Busselton SHS.  He talks with them about the schools expectations and also answers any questions the parent or student may have about high school.  He knows that in primary school, the Principal is well known to the students and he tries to build relationships with the students nice and early so that they are comfortable to talk to him when they start attending our school.

Orientation Day

Year 6 students have the opportunity to attend a full day orientation at our school during Term 4.  The students attend Busselton SHS and go to classes as if they have already begun high school.  They move around the school to the different classrooms and learning areas.  They complete lessons with teachers and have breaks in the Year 7 quadrangle.  This provides students the opportunity to experience what it will be like being in lessons with students from other schools and also offers a setting for friendships to begin to form.

Once High School Has Begun

Parent Meet and Greet - Term 1

Within the first month of your child beginning high school, we hold a Parent Meet and Greet for parents, students and their teaching staff to get together in an informal setting and enjoy an afternoon getting to know one another.  This is a great setting to familiarise yourself with our school.

Year 7 Quadrangle

Year 7 students have their own area in the school for break times.  The area is close to our administration building and the closest quadrangle to our staff room.

BSHS Year 7 Quad


Preparing Your Child For High School

For further information on how you can best prepare your child for high school click HERE.