Year Coordinators

Years 7 and 8 - Simon Cockburn

 West Australian born and bred, I attended a Southern Suburbs state school/ college that held, and I think still holds a bit of a reputation as being a bit tough. Although, my experience was that it was actually a pretty good cross section of society and like so many things, it was what you made of it. I just completed year 12 and managed to somehow graduate from what is now known as Southern River College and then bounced around from TAFE to various employment mostly involving labouring and construction for a couple of years. I returned to study at a senior college in Perth to boost my then TEE (ATAR) score which qualified me for entry into the University of Western Australia to begin studying Human Movement (Sport and Exercise Science). 

Following the completion of my undergraduate degree, intermittent travel and work as a part-time tennis coach, I finally decided on a career in education, comleting a Graduate Diploma in Education specialising in Health and Phys Ed. Following a number of short term teaching roles in Perth, I managed to secure a job at Esperance Senior High school in the Health and PE Department, remaining there for 4 years while finding my feet as a classroom teacher and enjoying the South Coast and all it has to offer.

I moved to Busselton Senior High at the beginning of 2008, commencing in the Health and PE Department but have also worked in the Science, Maths and HASS departments. My passions are physical activity and music as I see and value the many positive benefits that both activities give to people and the communities in which we live. I feel very lucky to work at Busselton Senior High with like-minded staff and students, and in a school that values my passions of sport and music. 

Years 9 and 10 - Geoff Holt

I attended a very tough school in a large council estate in Manchester and  couldn’t wait to leave and  get a job aged 15; only then did I realise the value of education. I attended college for 3 years to get into university where I gained an honours and later Master’s degree. I have been teaching for 30 years (that’s frightening) having started in tough inner city schools and colleges in the UK, I went to Tanzania and undertook Voluntary Service Overseas for over a year teaching in a rural boarding struggling to survive on less than $30 a month there I also learned Swahili. I emigrated to WA almost 20 years ago and worked at Swan View for 10 years in the field of Aboriginal education.

I moved to Busselton almost ten years ago now and my kids were educated at the school. I am a great believer in value adding to the experience of schooling and run a great deal of excursions and field trips as well as sporting and cultural activities. I also believe passionately that there is a real need for a powerful student voice and representation in decision making in school to prepare young people for productive roles in society. I am a strong advocate for social justice and public education as well as a long standing member of the SSTUWA. I love living in the SW with my wife Ali, who also teaches at the school and particularly enjoy our unique coastal environment.

Years 11 and 12 - ATAR Coordinator - Debbie Brandt

I have been a teacher of Business and Information Technology for 33 years, having spent the last eleven years at Busselton SHS after my husband and I decided to have a lifestyle change in 2005.

My role of Senior School ATAR Coordinator involves supporting Year 11 and 12 students in the ATAR Courses.  This involves assisting students with their academic studies with regard to time management as well as study techniques and juggling their school/work/sporting life.  I can also assist with the planning of their future studies at university.  I have numerous resources available for post Year 12 studies with regard to university and TAFE courses, available scholarships, accommodation options, etc.

I enjoy my role immensely as it enables me to meet a wide range of interesting people and allows me to support young people in their endeavours.  I was very fortunate to have a number of inspirational teachers when I was a student in Year 12 who encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher.

I am available to assist parents/carers who may have concerns regarding their students progress at school.

Years 11 and 12 - VET Coordinator - Connie Watson

The VET Coordinator role at Busselton SHS is a very busy but extremely rewarding one.  My role is to support students as they work towards their goals of achieving both Secondary Graduation and completing their Certificates.  The journey through Senior School often presents challenges and I endeavour to assist students and Program Coordinators in pursuit of their goals.  This includes monitoring of attendance, behaviour management, pastoral care and sourcing of various support services.  Students enter the world of VET as fresh faced Year 11's and exit as highly skilled individusals with a Certificate Qualification, WACE, life skills, employability skills, a wealth of workplace experience and a collection of references.

In my role I also coordinate the placement of students on Workplace Learning.  This is an integral part of all VET delivery and ensures that students will make a positive transition to work or further training.