VET Coordinator – Connie Watson

Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs at Busselton Senior High School are unique in structure and recognised nationally as a model for best practice. The School has been a finalist for many year at the State Training Awards and won the prestigious award in 2014. The school is an RTO School with scope deliver in Business, Sport Coaching, Engineering and Hospitality. In addition, the school delivers qualifications in Builidng and Construction, Community Services, Preparation for Nursing and Skills for Work in Vocational Pathways.

As VET Coordinator I am privileged to work with highly motivated and skilled staff who are required to completed additional qualifications to support their delivery of VET qualifications. They are all well versed on the latest trends and developments of their particular industry and maintain strong links with industry to ensure the delivery of high quality training. We are fortunate to have a state of the art Trade Training Centre on-site that is equipped for delivery of Engineering, Building and Construction and Hospitality. The facility boasts magnificent workshops, classroom, a fully equipped commercial kitchen and café.

The VET Coordinator role at Busselton Senior High is a very busy but extremely rewarding! My role is to support students as they work towards their goals of achieving both Secondary Graduation and completing their Certificates. The journey through Senior School often presents challenges and I endeavour to assist students and Program Coordinators in pursuit of their goals. This includes monitoring of attendance, behaviour management, pastoral care and sourcing of various support services. Students enter the world of VET as fresh faced Year 11’s and exit and as highly skilled individuals with a Certificate Qualification, WACE, life skills, employability skills, a wealth of workplace experience and a collection of references. Students grow in confidence and are well and truly ready for the world of work or further training when they graduate.

In my role I also coordinate the placement of students on Workplace Learning. This is an integral part of all VET delivery and ensures that students are will make a positive transition to work or further training. The program has a very strong and positive history with over 400 local employers in the database who provide a high level of support to the school. Many ex-VET students are now in fact hosting or supervising current students on work placement.

BSHS is an RTO and as such I am also responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies. I am privileged to work with innovative, highly motivated and talented Program Coordinators that enable us to maintain our reputation as a school that excels in the delivery of VET programs.