Uniform Policy

The Busselton Senior High School Dress Code Policy meets the requirements of recommended policy of the WA Department of Education and State Government legislation. Any future alteration or modification of the Dress Code will require community consultation.

The School Dress Code

  • Sets a clear, acceptable and consistent standard of dress for all students and parents
  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school
  • Assists in building school and team spirit
  • Ensures students are safely dressed for specific school activities
  • Encourages equity among students
  • Prepares students for work, as many work places have dress and safety codes
  • Allows for easy identification of intruders into the school during the school day

Modifications to Dress Code

  • Students who, for religious or health reasons, may need to modify the school dress code are required to make an appointment with the Principal or a designated staff member. Staff will be informed of any student granted a modification to the dress code
  • Garments bearing brand names, logos and stripes (e.g. Adidas, Nike) are NOT allowed
  • Board shorts, thongs etc. are NOT allowed

Sanctions for Non-Compliance

  • First Offence
    Students not complying with the dress code will be reminded of the need for the dress code and their responsibility by their Form/Subject teachers and/or Student Services staff.
  • Second Offence
    Recess detention and a call home.
  • Repeat Offence
    Letter home and parent interview.
  • Students may be required to change into appropriate clothing provided by the School


Uniform Conditions

Clothing Item








School polo only (not sports shirt)

Navy blue and acceptable lengths


Navy blue and school issue

Enclosed / Sandal with strap /
Appropriate for learning area

Outside only


Polo shirts with non school logos.  T-shirts.  Tank tops.  Long sleeved non school colour tops

Denim or look-a-like denim / jeggings.  Stripes on shorts / pants.  Board shorts.  Black leggings and tights leggings.  Tights are not to be worn on their own.

Non school colours or checked jackets.  Different logos.  Stripes.  Adornments/brand names (e.g. Nike, Ripcurl etc.)

Thongs.  Ugg boots.  Slippers.

In classrooms


Uniform Shop

Approved uniform items are available from the Uniform Shop located in the administrative building.

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