Staff Contact Details


Heads of Departments

The Arts:
Mr Cameron Snow
Email -

English and Humanities:
Mr Chris Heathcote
Email -

Mr Nick Fucile
Email -

Mr Mark Patey
Email -

Physical Education:
Mr Mike Gray
Email -

Home Economics, Teacher in Charge:
Mrs Kerry Fucile
Email -

Specialist School of Music, Teacher in Charge:
Mrs Nicky Hair
Email -

Building and Construction, Teacher in Charge:
Mr Wayne Smithhall
Email -

Manufacturing Industry Studies, Teacher in Charge:
Mr Mike Piggott
Email -


Year Coordinators

Years 7 and 8:
Mr Ross Ligtermoet
Email -

Years 9 and 10:
Mr Geoff Holt
Email -

Senior School / Business / ATAR:
Mrs Debra Brandt
Email -

Vocational Education Training (VET):
Mrs Connie Watson
Email -

Executive Team

Mr Dainon Couzic

Associate Principal:
Mr David Gault

Associate Principal:
Mr Colin Sheffield

Deputy Principal:
Ms Kelly Anderson

Please contact administration to reach a member of our Executive.