Parent and Citizen Association

The Busselton Senior High School P&C is highly valued within our school community. 

The function of our P&C is to encourage parents to participate in developing the school’s educational offerings and strengthening parent participation and involvement in the school i.e. parent forums to discuss issues pertaining to the school and its community as well as for gathering opinion.  The P&C promotes and supports communication and cooperation within the school community and brings educational matters to the attention of the wider community.  It is also to provide extra amenities for the benefit of Government school students.

Being a part of the Busselton SHS P&C is an excellent way to be on-the-pulse of school activities and what is planned to improve the conditions for your child.  There are a variety of opportunities to support our P&C however we highly value personal involvement.  P&C Meetings are held twice a term with reminders included in the school newsletter.  Membership is $1.00 per year.

From time to time the P&C engage in fundraising and social activities, arrange busy-bees where parents can mix and meet others. To date, the Association has been an extremely active contributor to the school's educational programs and development of facilities and we hope that all parents will continue to support this Association.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to join and participate.


The P&C Structure

To ensure the smooth running of our parent body, positions are allocated and outlined below.

  • P&C President and Vice President

The President presides at all General and Executive Committee meetings and provides leadership.  They act as a representative of the association; ensure adequate communication exists between members, and between the organisation and the school.

Vice Presidents preside at meetings at which the President is absent.

  • Secretary

The Secretary conducts the correspondence of the organisation, keeping full and correct minutes of the Association’s meetings, maintains a register of all financial and ex-officio members, has custody of all documents of the association and prepares an agenda for forthcoming meetings.

  • Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for all monies collected for and on behalf of the P&C Association and should oversee all books of all sub-committees – canteen, uniform shop etc. These committees must bank their monies in the P&C general account via the Treasurer, but have a separate “column” to show the balance of their funds. The Treasurer also ensures all books are audited prior to the AGM.

  • Executive Committee

This Committee is elected at the AGM to manage the affairs and finances of the P&C when a General Meeting is not in session, but is responsible to the General Meeting. The Executive Committee of a P&C in a school over 100 students consists of a minimum of 10 people, plus the Principal. These are President, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Vice Presidents, plus no less than 5 elected persons. The Principal is Ex-officio a member. A quorum is 6 of its members.


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