Executive Team


Principal - Dainon Couzic

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Strategic Planning   |   Community Relations   |   Professional Conduct   |   Innovation   |   Curriculum Quality Assurance

The South West was where I grew up. I completed my high school education in Bunbury at Newton Moore SHS, so moving to Busselton is returning to familiar territory.  This is now home. I have been at Busselton SHS for 5.5 years, and I am enjoying being a part of this wonderful community and embracing every aspect the area has to offer.

Professionally, I completed a degree in Human Movement at the University of WA before traveling to Europe, where I taught in a tough London school for six years. Upon my return to WA I taught, and then was appointed to the administration, at Ballajura Community College, which is an Independent Public School with over 1500 students. I have also completed my Masters of Educational Leadership. These experiences have provided me with the knowledge, skills and capability to lead Busselton SHS.

I am an inclusive leader. I take risks. I am fiercely honest. I possess a strong sense of natural justice to ensure all students achieve some level of success and reach their potential.

Busselton SHS is committed to providing an engaging learning environment for every student. This is a commitment that will only be realised when students, teachers and parent/caregivers work together to achieve positive outcomes. The work that takes place in our school must have a focus on meeting the needs of all our students. For the above to be achieved, I will work hard, and I will work ethically to build on the existing achievements to make this school a ‘great school’ with ‘highly effective teachers’ and ‘successful students.’


Associate Principal (Senior School) - David Gault

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Senior School Operations   |   Staffing   |   Timetabling

Together with my wife and two sons, I have lived in Busselton for 18 years.  Over that time I have witnessed Busselton grow and develop and as with my children, the changes having been dramatic.  As our town has grown into a city, these changes have impacted Busselton SHS greatly.  The challenges in dealing with these changes have made my role at Busselton SHS such an interesting and rewarding one.

I began at Busselton SHS as a teacher of Physical and Outdoor Education and, over my initial years at the school, held roles such as House Coordinator, Student Services Coordinator and Head of Learning Area: Health and Physical Education.  Increasingly, I took on administrator roles and in 2011 moved to Cape Naturaliste College acting as their Associate Principal before returning to Busselton SHS in 2013.

In my role as Senior School Associate Principal, I have had the pleasure of overseeing the graduation of hundreds of students.  I firmly believe the school has a responsibility to nurture successful partnerships with our students, their parents/caregivers, and the broader community to ensure that every opportunity is given to our students to maximise their potential and their contribution to society.


Associate Principal (Years 9 and 10) - Colin Sheffield

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Student Services Management   |   Attendance   |   Achievement & Behaviour Years 9 and 10

I have spent my career entirely in country schools, commencing at Albany Senior High School in 1980. At this stage I was a teacher of humanities.

I was transferred to Carnarvon Senior High School in 1981 and remained there until 2006. I was initially appointed as the Alternative Upper School Co-ordinator and set up a horticulture program on the Agricultural Research Station. I then took up a position as humanities teacher, specialising in Geography and History. Over time, I was promoted to Head of Department and Associate Principal, with a short stint as Youth Education Officer and various Year Co-ordinator positions in between.

Teaching in a small remote country town was terrific, despite its challenges. Distance from other centres was the major challenge, particularly with regards to accessing professional development and resources. Innovation was one way to overcome this. The community connectedness however made it all worthwhile.

I moved to Bunbury Senior High School for four years and Cape Naturaliste College for one year, and arrived at Busselton Senior High School in 2012. The school has undergone enormous change over the last seven years. I believe in a student centered approach to education and am a strong student advocate. Each student has potential and our education system is the vehicle by which students can fulfill their potential. I chose to work in public education, as it provides all students with an opportunity to succeed and live a life which is satisfying while contributing to society.


Deputy Principal (Years 7 and 8) - Mandy Carey

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Year 6 to 7 Transitions   |   Academic Enrichment and Learning Support   |   Indigenous Students

This is my third year at Busselton SHS in the role of Year 7/8 Associate Principal and I love working with such a dynamic executive and teaching staff. Previously I worked at Cape Naturaliste College for 6.5 years as a HASS teacher and Team Leader for Year 7 students and prior to that I worked in Newman in the Pilbara, which was quite a lot warmer than the South-West! As part of my Team Leader role I had the opportunity to work with a broad range of students and their families which gave me an insight in to the number of challenges, issues, values and ideas children bring with them to school, all before they even start learning! This holistic understanding has allowed me to develop problem solving skills so that I can try to find a solution that suits all parties involved.

I’m committed to working with all students and look forward to modelling expectations of behaviour that are required not just at school, but in the workforce so when our students leave school to work or attend further study, they are equipped with not just academic skills but also the necessary social skills. I see this part of a student’s journey as being a partnership between the school, student and parents/caregivers, so I look forward to getting to know all of the families who have chosen to send their child to BSHS. Please feel free to contact me with any queries or concerns about your child’s education and I will endeavour to support you in any way that I can. 


Manager Corporate Services - Cassandra Dyson

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Finance   |   Resourcing   |   Human Resources - Non Teaching
Communications and Publications   |   Facilities and Faults Management