The Arts

The Arts faculty at Busselton SHS is quite simply the most powerful in the South West Education District.  With highly trained and skilled staff in all six art disciplines, it has, over a long period of time, consistently Won Excellence in Education / Innovation Awards in a wide varying range of educational settings.  The Arts at Busselton SHS is facilities rich and easily caters to students art interests on multiple levels.

Our Specialist Music Department is the home base of Geographe Bay Music that encompasses two senior high schools and five primary schools.  Within its confines are four symphonic bands, two jazz bands and vocal choir ensembles.  The Drama and Performing Arts Department have their very own Performing Arts Theatre with a professional musical production staged every two years.  In addition to this, multiple minor productions are featured through out the year.
The Media and Photography Departments each have stand alone studios showcasing the very latest digital manipulation equipment and Visual Art boasts three dedicated art studios allowing strong student visual expression.

Students enrolling at Busselton SHS with skills in any of the Arts forms are extremely well catered for across the board.  Concurrently, strong and clear pathways beyond secondary school into tertiary studies exist and we have seen countless students realise fulfilling careers in all Arts forms beyond their formal schooling.


Drama (Years 7, 8, 9 and 10)

Students will learn to apply all the basic elements of drama, including more complex use of dramatic tension and sub texts.  They will make, refine and present student devised drama, working in groups and as individuals, and experiment with small scale script writing.  They will explore characterisation in scripted text.  In performance, they will use characterisation and contrast, and develop a performance vocabularly as they learn the basic principles of dramatic production.  They will present informal and formal performances.  Students will begin to learn about contemporary and historical theatrical movement.  They will experience and respond to a diversity of forms and styles, including comedy and tragedy.


Digital Media (Years 7 and 8)

Students will be introduced to stories through visual media and create representations to inform, entertain, persuade and educate audiences, and will become increasingly aware of how different codes and conventions may be manipulated to create meaning for different audiences and contexts.  They will select between different types of software to edit, refine images, mix sounds and produce media products.  They will reflect on their own involvement as producers and audiences.


Music (Years 7, 8, 9 and 10)

Students will develop the skills and understanding to engage in music as knowledgeable music makers and audience members.  They will arrange, compose, improvise and perform for various purposes.  They will demonstrate knowledge and understandings of musical elements, materials, ideas, styles and technologies.  They will sing and play instruments to realise their own and others' musical ideas and works.  Students will respond critically to their own and others' musical works and practices, using the concepts of music and terminology to communicate their understandings.  Through listening, performing and composing they will begin to identify cultural, social and historical contexts of music.


Visual Art (Years 7, 8, 9 and 10)

In visual arts students will learn through direct engagement with two dimensional, three dimensional and four dimensional art and design practices and concepts, theories, histories and critiques.  They will develop skills, knowledge, understandings and techniques as artists, designers, critics and audiences.  Students will learn to explore ideas through imaginative engagement, making and presenting art, craft and design works, and engaging critically with these works and processes.  They will work with a range of materials, design elements, technologies and processes, and develop skills, knowledge and understanding about art, craft and design practices.


Photography (Years 9 and 10)

In this course, students will gain an understanding of design, focusing on the area of graphics and photography.  Through various projects, students will be engaged in many aspects of design, developing skills in digital photography and graphics.  You will be introduced to using digital cameras, editing and manipulation of photographs and the creation of graphic design and illustration.  Students will develop a portfolio of work.


Media (Years 9 and 10)

In media arts, students will develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the creative use of communications technologies and digital materials to tell stores and explore concepts for diverse purposes and audiences.  Media artists represent the world using platforms such as television, film, video, newspapers, radio video games, the internet and mobile media.  Produced and received in diverse contexts, these communication forms are important sources of information, entertainment, persuasion and education and are significant cultural industries.  Digital technologies have expanded the role that media play in every Australian's life.  Media arts explore the diverse cultural, creative, social and institutional factors that shape communication and contribute to the formation of identities.

BSHS Arts team

BSHS Arts team