The Department of Education and Training requires all schools to provide a safe supportive learning environment for students and staff underpinned by effective behaviour management policies and procedures. Busselton SHS has a Behaviour Management Committee which consists of members of the school administration, teachers as well as union and student representatives. This committee is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of school policies and procedures as well as making proposals for improvement.

Over the course of the last year we have developed procedures to support positive behaviour management based on the fundamental principle of: Ensuring that all students never miss out on rewards and sanctions for their behaviour. In order to work towards this goal we wish to clarify our expectations in terms of both rewarding positive behaviour and applying sanctions to negative behaviour.

Positive Behaviour is Regularly and Consistently Rewarded – Positive behaviour includes:

  • Regular school attendance (90% and above)
  • High levels of participation in class, including abiding by the school code
  • Respectful positive attitudes towards all members of the school community

Our emphasis on Respect, Attendance and Participation (RAP) is underpinned by the school’s RAP Program under which students displaying the above behaviours are regularly rewarded with commendations, sporting activities, camps, termly excursions and incursions and weekly draws for which students receive RAP tickets from their teachers. We are determined to ensure that all students are recognised and rewarded for doing the right thing. This is the case with vast majority of our students the vast majority of the time.

Each student is expected to abide by the school code. This involves:

  • Being punctual for form class and all lessons
  • Wearing full school uniform
  • Attending all classes
  • Remaining on school grounds during the school day
  • Following the school policy on the use of personal mobile devices

Where the school code is breached a sanction will be applied.

Sanctions are consequences which become progressively more significant in terms of time if students choose not to fulfill them. The first sanction is a simple 15-minute lunchtime detention, which is applied the day following the breach. Students will be given a detention slip by the issuing teacher and entered onto the detention list. They have a first reminder to fulfill this sanction and a second reminder incurring a 20 minute detention. If a student chooses not to fulfill the sanction Year Coordinators will write to parents/guardians giving 48 hours notice of a 30-minute after school detention. This will be increased to 45-minutes if the sanction is unfulfilled. Should this sanction be unfulfilled the student will be referred to the Associate Principal to receive a day’s in-school withdrawal.  If there is a genuine reason for a breach of the code for example lateness or being out of uniform, an explanatory note ought to be provided in order to excuse the student from the sanction on a one off basis

We would like to stress that the above sanctions do not apply to the vast majority of our students who consistently follow the school code and are rewarded for so doing.

Hereunder is clarification of our expectations in terms of the school code.

Notes and Clarifications About the School Code

Lateness: Students are expected to be present at 8:45am at form each morning to be marked off the role and listen to daily notices. They are also expected to be punctual to all classes. On an occasion where a student is late, through no fault of their own, a note/SMS ought to be provided by the parent/guardian.

Uniform: All students are to wear APPROVED SCHOOL UNIFORM – this is obtainable from the uniform shop. If there are extenuating circumstances where school uniform is not available a student may wear plain navy blue shorts, trousers, skirt, shirt or sweatshirt and this must be accompanied by a note and approved by the Year Coordinator, AP or Principal in order to exempt the sanction. This is not the preferred option and is seen as a temporary measure. The school will endeavour to assist families in cases of financial hardship, contact the Year Coordinator.
Items specifically excluded and not to be worn at school include:
• Jeans - denim shorts or skirts including lycra stretch denim look leggings
• Leggings/Stockings/Tights UNLESS NAVY and worn UNDER school uniform
• Non-uniform jumpers and sweatshirts such as hoodies and jackets
• Thongs or open-toed shoes as well as Ugg Boots are not permitted
• Hats / Beanies etc are not to be worn in class
• Black shorts may only be worn in Phys Ed
School dresses may be worn at any time throughout the year
Scalves may be worn if they are white or navy
School shirts must be worn under jumpers not singlets or T-shirts

Personal Mobile Devices: Mobile phones, mp3 players, tablets and other electronic devices including laptop computers are NOT to be used in class unless they are an integral part of the learning activity such as an audio-book or podcast which is sanctioned and organised by the teacher as a part of the teaching program or a computer application which is similarly sanctioned by the teacher. In any event students ought not to be in class with headphones on display. Listening to music on personal devices whilst undertaking class work is NOT permissible, unless played by the teacher. The use of any of the above devices will result in their removal until the end of the period on the first occasion. Subsequent occasions will result in the device being removed and handed to Student Services until the end of the day and a letter given to the student to take home to be signed and returned to Student Services. Any further violations of the policy will result in a parent/guardian being required to come into school and sign for the device. This may result in the student being banned form bringing the device into school altogether. Refusal to hand over a device will result in referral to the relevant Associate Principal. A letter will then be sent home and a sanction will apply.

Leaving School Grounds: Students are not permitted to leave school grounds during the school day at any time unless they are signed out by a parent / guardian. Students going to the shops or leaving school at any time will be subject to a sanction.

Truancy: Students absenting themselves from form or a timetabled class will be regarded as truanting and subject to the sanctions set out overleaf.

Research has consistently shown that schools are more effective in delivering positive behaviour management and improved learning outcomes for students where it is supported and reinforced at home. We very much hope that you support us in our efforts.

Yours sincerely

Busselton SHS Behaviour Management Committee, April 2013