Busselton SHS extend a warm invitation to all past students and staff to join our new School Alumni.

Since arriving at the Busselton SHS, Principal Dainon Couzic has been amazed at the vast number of people who have attended the school and the rich history that exists within the community.  The school is constantly contacted on how to reach people for high school reunions and the Alumni will provide a point of contact for people to reconnect with each other.

The Hon. Barry House member for South West was our schools former Dux and Head Boy graduating from Busselton SHS in 1967.
He then returned to the school in the capacity of a Youth Education Officer and Teacher.

‘Busselton SHS has been at the heart of the Busselton community for over 50 years and has had a major influence on the direction the town has taken. Many past students received a really good educational grounding at this school and have gone on to serve our community. The Alumni is important as it will help reconnect former students with the school, each other and provide avenues to offer support in the future.’

Tom Tuffin of Busselton City Council and former Busselton SHS Deputy Principal is a past School Board member and encourages all former students and staff to join the Alumni.


Join the Alumni

If you are interested in connecting with the School Alumni please complete your details in the link below to join the Alumni database. We encourage you to share this Alumni page so we can continue to connect with as many former students and staff as possible.